Pairing Menu

The New Year is off and running, and Jake’s wants to help you keep up!

With an eventful spring approaching fast, many establishments will take this time to spruce-up their menus, and one popular trend is offering a pairing menu that guides the experience of the diner.

Jake’s would like to take this opportunity to offer our own pairing menu — guiding you through the latest trends of 2016, paired with some of our fabulous vendors!

New/Different Cuts of Meats. Foodies are taking over, especially with the help of social media. It seems like every second, someone is displaying their fabulous meal on Instagram or Facebook. This kind of exposure means that diners are looking for something truly different. Unique cuts of meat are in high demand and fulfilling that exceptional experience diners are craving. Let’s face it, steaks will always be a sure bet, but exclusive meats such as quail, buffalo or boar are turning heads at a rapid pace!

Jake’s Pairing: Gourmet Ranch, Texas Quail, Mount Royal

Charcuterie/Cheese Plates. Diners are taking time to sit back and enjoy their meals. They are truly appreciating the flavors and content of their meals. So easily shared items, such as charcuterie and cheese plates, are on the rise. Small bites of specialty meats and cheeses are hard to pass up on the menu. And don’t forget the fresh olives, nuts and fruits that are slowly stealing the show!

Jake’s Pairing: Saputo, BelGioioso, Castella

Artisan Non-Alcoholic Drinks. While Happy Hour will never go out of style, unique options for non-alcoholic beverages are popping up everywhere! Take the time to get creative with fresh lemonades, premium sodas, unique teas, and of course, coffee! Start with a quality beverage and add some flavor with syrups or fresh-squeezed juices. This is an easy upsell that customers will truly enjoy!

Jake’s Pairing: Red Diamond, Torani Syrups

Quinoa. This little morsel continues to be on-trend in 2016. Quinoa is easy to prepare, and a great source of protein, iron and fiber. The most common type of quinoa offered is an off-white color, but red and black are becoming more available. The best part of it all is Jake’s offers all three!

Jake’s Pairing: Atalanta

Artisan Desserts. This is the best time of year to display something truly unique on your dessert menu. Consumers have had their fill of holiday pie and are looking for something refreshing and new. Artisan desserts, such as homemade ice cream and gelato, are in high-demand and sure to give guests exactly what they’re searching for. End their meal on a high note with an amazing dessert experience!

Jake’s Pairing: Trentino Gelato

There are many other trends surfacing in the industry this year! When you’re looking for something new, be sure to turn to your fabulous Jake’s rep for great ideas and product solutions!

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